Wholesome and nourishing dog food, treats, and supplements

Wholesome and nourishing dog foods, treats, and supplements

Health is more than just eating right and exercising – it’s about cultivating the right attitude and making a commitment to feel better… to be better. We understand commitment. We’re pledged to providing the best possible products for our customers, to help them and their pets live longer, healthier and happier lives. We provide an array of superior quality, safe and effective products that are inspired by nature, informed by science and born of a commitment to improving the health of people, pets and the planet. Welcome to a revolutionary company and concept… we’re paving new roads to wellness, every day.

Unfortunately, pet food and pet treat recalls are occurring in staggering numbers these days. The reasons behind these recalls are equally as staggering and range from such issues as: Salmonella contamination, the presence of foreign materials, low vitamin and mineral content, lack of sterility, and more.

Life’s Abundance has NEVER
had a single recall

Life's Abundance works with renown holistic vet, Dr. Jane Bicks, and together they make an EXCLUSIVE line of pet (dog and cat) products not available in stores, only delivered directly to customers home making them more nutritious and fresh. 30 day money back guarantee, holistically formulated, never recalled. 

What sets Life’s Abundance apart? 

  • • GUARANTEED Live Probiotics for optimal gut health.

  • • GUARANTEED Vitamins A,C & E for a powerful antioxidant punch!

  • • Made in small micro batches with a triple safety protocol.

  • • Fresh home delivery